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I live and work in Berlin.

I am an artist and work as an experimental researcher in physics and chemistry, where I mainly research printed energy devices.

In my artistic works, I center the critical approaches to mark the clashes and ask questions about what is included and excluded in relations and everyday life between human and nonhuman beings, in between things and the environment.  I experiment with these connections through installation, photographs, and video.

In my recent works, I also write and collect images on daily scientific work, science, and technology through artistic research around structures of scientific space and scientific looking and valuing.  I try to understand the intersections of the forgotten and established attention forms.


  1. BA&BS Yıldız Technical University (Engineering & Arts double major), École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux
  2. MS Boğaziçi University 
  3. Ph.D. Max Planck Institute

Currently, post-doctoral researcher at the physics and chemistry department of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. 



1 — 16 September 2023   SEDA MIMAROĞLU & SELEN SOLAK Circumstance

︎Screening of Long Days as premier at Istanbul Film Festival, as part of Specter selection by Burak Çevik
Video & Camera: Selen Solak Editing & Sound: Nazlı Moripek

︎Text contribution
Science Environment for the Hörbuch project “that’s what I am living for” of Catharina Szonn and Catharina von Bülow

Catharina Szonn & Selen Solak 

︎A beginning of further encounters, invitations, and gatherings.  Initiated by Dilşad Aladağ and Burak Çevik. Alan#1 hosts Seda Mimaroğlu’s reading performance and Selen Solak’s installation︎︎︎, Ev/Heim, on the 3rd of December at daadgalerie.
December 3, 7pm
Reading & Installation
daadgalerie, Oranienstraße 161, 10969 Berlin

︎︎︎Installation previously developed together with Nazlı Moripek. 

--------------------------------︎Screening of Blue video work at WAE festival, 6 October


︎Exhibition & talk Apartment Project, Berlin Troubled relations
8 June 2022, Exhibition by İrem Sözen and Selen Solak and artist talk, moderated by Erden Kosova

 2023   Selen Solak