Lab notes 

is ongoing research on the scientific environment, results and tools. It is an artistic and scientific approach on connections in between scientific results and scientists, technicians and students. It takes incomplete intermediate steps, mistakes as an important part of their daily working practice and also an important part of published, unpublished results and eventually developed technologies.

  1. Here in the videos Blue and Green, fruit fly size light emitting diodes are seen under an applied voltage bias. Such devices with synthetic luminescent materials, in this case blue and green quantum dot materialy, show short life times and reach their maximum during the voltage scan. So, they shine, fade and reach their end. Undefined edges of diodes with impurities and dust that come from processing is carrying this regular scientific measurement to the place, where the weak side of a possible technology in its initial research state is revealed. The weaks sides are known, appreciated and studied, but, when we eventually have the technology in hand, the effort, people disappear in time.

Displaying a part of a display, a pixel, which is a process of several different materials: metals and synthetic luminescent material.

02. Red LED, white SMD LED, copper tape,  soldering, photograph and plastic bag

 2023   Selen Solak