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Glitter Kitchen

Matter of Flux Festival, Art laboratory Berlin, 2023

Women/ FLINTA* in Art, Science and Technology

workshop We decided to start in the kitchen. We made eco-glitter while thinking feminist technological transformation. The stainless steel industrial space was perfect for our experiment with making eco-glitter while talking about microplastics, pollution, and queer visibility.

Baldeep Kaur, Selen Solak, Marianna Szcygielska  and Hanwen Zhang made us think about the eco-glitter world, eliciting reflection about microplastics, pollution, and technology. We spent abour an hour cooking and questioning why it is so important to solve the problems of plastic pollution, but with humor and a very fun athmosphere. We made non-polluting glitter, talking about the yield of these and how to improve the performance of ecological glitter. Prof. Dr. Nicole Seymour, the author of the book Glitter, was the virtual quest of honor to join the discussion.“ Art Laboratory Berlin

Selen Solak  2024