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(Lab notes)

“Lab Notes” represents an ongoing exploration of the scientific environment, encompassing results and tools. It serves as an artistic and scientific endeavor that delves into the connections among scientific outcomes and the individuals involved, including scientists, technicians, and students. This approach embraces incomplete intermediate steps and mistakes, recognizing their significance within daily work practices and their role in both published and unpublished results, as well as in the eventual development of technologies.

  1. I would like to transform scientific research into an artistic form to comprehend the dynamics of research and the significance of errors in experiments.

    In this context, a novel class of luminescent material is presented. This material is being researched for its application in displays due to its vibrant colors. The material is showcased within a diode, an incredibly small device about the size of a fruit fly, and is subjected to an applied voltage. Essentially, this can be thought of as a pixel, especially when considering it in the context of a screen. At present, screens inundate us with countless images. I am contemplating a discussion of such scientific outcomes in various contexts and exploring what observing a pixel, which is a component of new technologies, can reveal to us.


Displaying a part of a display, a pixel, which is a process of several different materials: metals and synthetic luminescent material.

2. Scanning electron microscopy image of defects, dust particles


03. Left_ notes with spilled chemicals.  Right_A non functioning object. (Red LED, white SMD LED, copper tape,  soldering, photograph and plastic bag)

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